Winter 2017 Outline: Essays, Lists and Sparknotes (senpai;notes)

  • One-off articles
    • The Case for Fuuko-chan*
    • Key/Visual Arts’ Visual Novel Adaptations and Manufactured Mysticism*


    • Greatest Anime
    • Greatest Albums
      • Best albums of 2016
    • Top Monogatari OP’s

    Retrospect Analyses: senpai;notes (actual sparknotes-esque analyses)

    • 2016
      • Flip Flappers*
      • Yuri!!! On Ice
    • Shaft (No Fear Studio Shaft)
      • Monogatari (by the arc)
      • ef*
      • Sasami-san @ Gambaranai

    Shows to follow (Winter 2017)

    • March Comes in Like a Lion
    • Little Witch Academia
    • Scum’s Wish
  • Light Novel Reads
    • Kubikiri Cycle
    • Bakemonogatari

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