In Response to the Recent MyAnimeList Controversy: Social Justice Weebs

This was originally a comment on myanimelist’s recent Facebook post on the issue.

The fact of the matter is that there is a large overlap between American anime fans and the Alt-Right. There also happens to be an overlap between the ideologies of the alt-right and of Nazism. President Donald Trump is a reprehensible individual, and now that he has become President, people are going to start believing that his behavior and his words are socially acceptable. We can’t have that happen. We can’t let people believe its okay to be racist again. We can’t go backwards. As a society, those with voices that are heard must seize every opportunity to condemn these words and behaviors, whether we bear direct witness to them or not. This is how we actively define Social Deviance. We need to make these people feel uncomfortable. For those whose support Donald Trump rode upon when he was elected, we are the Socially Deviant. However, they are the minority, and the majority must use this opportunity to better articulate our arguments against the sort of Bigotry that Trump promotes.

maxresdefault-24There is no such thing as cultural relativity, not if we want to be able to differentiate between right and wrong. Humans need to hold steadfast to their convictions. That’s how we make a difference. Nazism is always evil. There should be no controversy in condemning it. Even if this was a controversial article, that would have been all the more reason for MyAnimeList to leave the article unaltered. This isn’t a matter of being offended or not, its a matter of the marginalized being threatened. Those that have voices that will be heard and have half a brain must condemn President Trump’s poisonous rhetoric. Its a time for heroes in this great country. Everybody must take a stand to stop this evil from spreading. We must become that which the enemies of decency and reason label us. We must become Social Justice Warriors.

…Or, if you prefer, Social Justice Weebs.




8 thoughts on “In Response to the Recent MyAnimeList Controversy: Social Justice Weebs

  1. > There is no such thing as cultural relativity.

    That’s not a claim you simply make and leave it there without justifying it. Sure, Nazism is evil, but it makes at least some amount of sense in its original context.

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      1. I always thought that Cultural Relativity was one of those ideologies that most people rejected. If you believe in cultural relativity, there can e no right or wrong. It is specifically because Nazism made sense in its original context that makes cultural relativity so dangerous. Humans have to hold steadfast to their convictions. I don’t believe in cultural relativity and I don’t think anybody should. I know there are many people out there that do, but my belief in the danger of cultural relativism is such that I will write with the assumption that my readers agree with me. If I didn’t reject cultural relativity, this post would have no basis, because it makes a distinction between right and wrong.This is my opinion. I think its a pretty good one.


      2. Sorry if I’m wrong, but I thought that cultural relativity meant that what is right or wrong depends heavily on the context.

        Anyway, even if you don’t believe in cultural relativity, I think trying to understand how Trump supporters think is important. Your post seem to just be saying “Racism is bad, therefore Trump is evil. Everybody who supports Trump is stupid.” and that isn’t going to convince any Trump supporters. I think it’s better to start from the assumption that “Almost everyone has their reasons, but everyone (including me) has their biases.”

        Unfortunately, I’m not American, so I don’t have enough context to understand what’s going on in this mess.

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      3. If we were to approach it that way, it would have been best to do it before the election. What I’ve said here might sound tough, and it is, but from a sociological standpoint, alienating racists whenever we are given the opportunity is the most effective way to get them to go back to pretending not to be racist. We have to be assertive, we can’t afford to play nice, or our country will regress on all the social progress we’ve made since the civil rights movement. BTW, your definition of Cultural Relativism is absolutely correct.


      4. I don’t think alienating racist people is going to work in this internet age. They’ll just label you as a crackpot, ignore you, and flock together with similarly minded people.


      5. If they flock together with similar minded people, then that will have accomplished something. If myanimelist had left the article unaltered, the alt-right would probably feel less welcome there. I’m fine if they ignore me. Maybe it won’t work, but it’ll demonstrate to marginalized anime fans that we stand with them. This is just my personal manifesto.


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