My name is John Clark. I am a young and charismatic American who enjoys rambling on the internet despite knowing that nobody is reading what I am writing. I am currently taking a break from my studies at the University of Notre Dame because I almost flunked out. They said I can come back once I’ve gotten my shit together. And together it nearly is!

Please e-mail me letting me know what you want to see me write about. My strongest skill is written commentary on music, anime, history, politics, philosophy, literature and culture in general, as well as writing about my own life, which is ridiculously boring. Once I’ve gathered a following, I’ll probably start up a Patreon in hopes of making enough money to break even on my Spotify, Hulu, and Crunchyroll subscriptions. If I get enough requests that I can’t possibly satisfy them all in a timely manner, I’ll link up my Paypal and rite up some (cheap) fees for commissions. I’ll write on any sort of media you want, as long as I can access it through the streaming services to which I’ve already subscribed. I’ll prioritize writing assignments on media with which I’m already familiar. I will post a link to my myanimelist account and I’ll post a list of my 200-250 or so all time favorite albums.