Hello, here I will provide a list of essay series that I have thought up. These are topics that either haven’t been written about at all to my knowledge or have been written on very little. You can contact me through the contact page, so let me know if there are any shows/albums you want me to focus on in these series.

  • The Town
    • Analyses on anime/albums in which the setting is like a character itself, or have a very distinct sense of place
    • Lots of anime, like Monogatari, Clannad, and Diamond is Unbreakable treat the town in which their stories take place as a character itself. Why? How? What is the value of this and what can we learn from it? Thats what this series will focus on.
    • Lots of great albums are inseparable from the cities and scenes that spawned them. How does this music establish such deep connections to the cities that inspired them? How does this compare to the way certain anime connect themselves to the towns/cities in which they are set?
  • Socrates meets…
    • This bit is a fanfiction series based on a series of books by Peter Kreeft in which he wrote imagined dialogues between Socrates and various philosophers from other eras in history. I will do the same, but with our favorite anime characters. Haven’t you ever wanted to read a dialogue in which Socrates and Kaiki Deishu cross-examine each other? Well, its coming to you too.
    • If you have any other non-anime characters, or real people, even, that you would like me to subject to this template, let me know.
  • Sex and Sexuality
    • How does anime depict such difficult and human topics as love, sex, and sex without love? I’m still working out the specifics of this feature.
  • Albums as Companion Pieces to Anime
    • Anime deals with some pretty heavy topics. A lot of anime deal directly with what it means to be human. Great albums are those that lyrically and musically capture various aspects of the human experience. The same is true for good anime. You name an anime (preferably one that I am familiar with and enjoy) and I’ll find a great album that can serve as a companion piece for that anime. An album that deals with the same themes and which has a musical mood that corresponds with the shows visual mood.
    • This is the Feature I’m looking forward to the most. I already have the first installment outlined. Funeral by Arcade Fire as the ideal musical companion piece to one of the best anime in years, Flip Flappers.

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